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‘Art PLASTIEK fabrique’ is the titel of a work in progress. An installation about work and environment. We are all concerned about the environment, aren’t we? The whale, the rainforest, the ozon layer, the hole in it, etc. This intallation is about plastics. Plastic bags mainly. The ones you see so much in Africa and eastern Europe, as I wass told during the first presentation of ‘art PLASTIEK fabrique’ in the Oxfam Second Style shop. That is a shop where designers cann drop their creations, made out of second hand stuf. They will be sold on a 50/50 base, meaning 50% for the solidarity and 50% for the artist. During the month of july 2008, ‘art PLASTIEK fabrique’ was presented for the first time in a public space, in the shop-window. During several days the artist was working in the small production unit. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, recycling the mountain of plastic bags gathered in a few month in one Brussels household. Many people came to have a closer look at the window and some came in to reflect ask and discuss. Some found that it is getting better all the time in Europe with the environment, since we recycle more and more. Cann we believe this? Having a look at the number of producers of plastic bags I do not get that impression. I find hundreds of plastic bags producers. They advertise bags for conferences, demonstrations, hairdressers, cloth, humanitarian packeting and so on and hardly 1 out of 50 advertising with recycled things. The best name for such firm is defenitively ‘EUROZAK’. I actually regret not to have chosen that name for the installation.

apf machinerie

apf machinerie