exhibition from 10.01.09-21.02.09 in Antwerp


Noordtheater, Sint Nicolaasplaats 2000, Antwerpen. Only open when the piece is on! (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Première and vernissage: Saturday 10.01. See for details: http://www.noordteater.be).


Shall I put the mermaid? The photograph is not very good. It is taken where I made her, in my workshop, hanging on the lamp. It is a piece of agricultural plastic which gave me the idea. Later I found a red and white ribbon with ‘AQUAVIVA’ written on it. I put that on her tail. All together I see her swimming in sea of plastic bags. That will take a lot of place, but Reinhilde said she could remove some reception tables in the foyer.

It was Reinhilde who invited me there, after having seen the first presentation of artplastiekfabrique in Brussels in juin 08. She passed by by accident and liked the stuff in the window. She said she had never seen something like that before and would like to exhibit it in Antwerp. After a visit in Noordteater we agreed upon the period and other things.

About reception tables. Do you like them or hate them? Do they make you feel at ease in our civilization? Do you think we really need them? How many of them will there be in Brussels by now? Why are they always covered with some chic cloth and impressive knots? Yesterday in BOZAR I saw something new. They where no longer covered with cloths and knots, but had a kind of stockings on.

Should we also start producing those?