brains already!


Wonderful how some idea’s get ready before you know it! I was still busy drawing an knitting the brains for the exhibition and thinking where in town to put them. At Place Flaget? At Parvis St Gilles? And hup, there they are, on the roof of the Music Museum MIM! Put there by the artists Chris Christoffels and José Roland. “The brains are more then a purely intellectual instrument, but also produce creativity and pleasure”, they say, according to the newspaper. It is amazing how close this comes to what I had in mind and so my first thought is: SHIT, this is was my idea! Not exactly of course, because I saw it on the ground and the collor could have been different. It is a bit bigger and the form is less detailed. The technique is different. This does not look hand crafted by the artists themselves. I guess it was sewed in a real factory or atelier? The shock of being passed by did not take to long. It is like Dominique says: ‘Some ideas are just in the air at a certain time’ and anyway in arts there should be no private property of idea’s. As there should be no theft of course…   But, what to do now? Give up the plan, or go on knitting the brains out of us and keep on looking for a place in town where they can take their stand. In this case for a better solution with plastics.

If you want to see the blue brains from far, go to the royal park, but if you want to come closer, go to the 6th floor of the MIM (formerly called ‘Old England’).