tapestry of flowers

At the meeting of Knitta plastic last Friday 03.09 we lay our flowers together and decide that we still need more, for the ‘tapestry of flowers’ that we want to put on the gate we dislike the most.

And that is what the discussion is about. Which gate to choose?

We received 3 votes on this blog and they voted all three for the closed refugee centre in Steenokkerzeel. Within the gang there is also a strong support for this, considering that it is the most disturbing gate we know, but we also had some second thoughts. Transforming this gate into a field of flowers is (again) a political action. It means that the tapestry can be removed before we finish it. The action can also be misunderstood, as if we want to make the centre look a little nicer. If we want to communicate with the refugees inside, we should prepare longer time in advance.  May be this installation could be part of a larger protest at the gates of Steenokkerzeel … What do you think? Send your reaction or come and discuss during the next meeting of the gang in Micro-Marché on Friday 01.10.10.