Knitta gate

Today 12  November 2010 the gang decides to put up a flower tapestry on the  gate surrounding the little park close to the European headquarters in Brussels, at the foot of the Berlaymont building, alongside Rue de la Loi, Ch. d’Etterbeek. After four month of knitting, crocheting and discussion about gates, we are happy to put up our work. Did we choose the right gate? Who knows. We decided to drop the gate of arts school Saint Lucas, because there would be no student or teacher today, as it is a free day.  While we are busy sewing the flowers, many passengers walk by. Some look at us, most of them pretend to see nothing, although we wear quit strange balaclavas.  Only one person reacts verbally by saying: ‘nice’. As members of Tricot trottoir we are happy with the result of our collective  work. At the end we launched a contest to guess the duration of it. Some expect it to stay for one week, others for 2 or 3. What do you think? Please react.