knitt-A-plastic ANTWERP

Yesterday 15 March Chaterine attached a bonnet on one of the stone balls at De Groenplaats in Antwerp, as the finishing touch for knitt-A-plastic Antwerp. Two days before we decorated a few pillars of the band stand and the big A on the roof of the glasshouse entry to the underground parking. We noticed the need for a refreshment of this city symbol as it looked quit neglected. In our mission to take care of the environment we so combine two goals: cleaning up the streets from plastic and give some objects in the public space a new look. We covered 5 objects at De Groenplaats and invite every one who is passing by to find them and give us a reaction on this blog or join the gang. For this time we have an official authorisation until 16 May and we hope our work will stay in place till then, so that we can organise a festive décrochage. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the completed work, so if anyone can send us some, MERCI.

To cover the 3 sides of the A we knitted 13m20x40cm and 3 times 70x30cm. Most of it was done in one day and one night, because the final decision to do this was only taken 2 days ago. Special thanks to Catherine, Magda, Nico, Jan, Birgit, An, Lieve and Yolanda and to the whole gang of knitt-A-plastic Antwerp. And thanks to MOMU for the ladder and the logistic support.