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How do you like this balaclava? Like every streetknitter wanting to join tricot trottoir (TT) we asked Barbara to create her own cagoule. She did it quickly and made something flashy and fashionable, but perfectly combinable with wooden shoes or other traditional outfits…

Barbara joined the gang since the last TT meeting in Juin, as always on the first friday of the month in Micro Marché. She wondered if we could do something to defend the trees next to Thurn&Taxis as they are threatened to be cut soon. We decided to wait what the local defence comittee decides and see from there if something can be contributed by tricot trottoir. In the mean time we continue with ‘coral canal’ both in Brussels and Clabecq, hoping to get an answer soon from the international Crochetcoralreefnetwork and from platform canal in Molembeek.


This saterday 25 juin 13-15 p.m.: installation of a flower tapestry on the big gates of St Lucas, Groenstraat Schaarbeek. Welcome!

Friday July 1 16-18 p.m.: tricot trottoirs monthly meeting in Micro Marché. Interested? Bring plastic bags and crochet or knitting needles.