Cinema Nova is a well known alternative cinema in Brussels. For its tens anniversary in February 2012 Tricot trottoir decided to make something for them. We don’ know yet what it is going to be, but we like to explore this material and find out in which way it can be transformed into something interesting by knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc. Micro Marché will host the novaknitting as a work in progress. Lieve, Barbara and An organised a number of special worksessions together. During the monthly tricot trottoir meeting this Friday 2 December it is to be continued.

In the same time we wil continue the other project : les choux the poubelles , which took a real good start in a workshop in Les Marolles on 15 November. A mixed group of 25 women crocheted in a few hours 2 meters of this funny vegetable. They will soon meet again in order to decide about the right place for it to be installed.

Another group that has produced many dirty sprouts already is a group of neighbours in La Grande Cense in Clabecq. Some day in december they will install their works close to the canal Bruxelles – Charleroi.

Welcome to join us from 16-18 hrs in Micro Marché tomorrow.


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