Still a few days to go for festival Plazey in the Elisabeth parc in Brussels (metro Simonis), with a program of music, workshops and a relaxing atmosphere.  Coming sunday 7 juli, from 2 to 4 pm, is also the last occasion to make your contribution to the red lamp or to learn how to cut a plastic bag and knit or crochet it in the form you like.


Yesterday I went to (almost) finish my contribution to the festival: ‘red lamp’. With a little help from my friends I could cover the lamp with the knittings in red plastic that I made at home during several month. ‘Where do find al this plastic’ people ask me often. Many red bags were collected by the members of Tricot Trottoir and by the organisers of the festival, but most of the material came from trade union members who left their plastic jackets behind in the streets of Brussels after a demonstration. Thank you comrades, even more for stopping it now!

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