plastic field


Plastic is still all around everywhere. Funny, when we arrive this morning on the place where I am supposed to make an artwork for a collective project this summer, the field has turned into a plastic field. Was Christo here before me, with Daniel Buren may be? Or is it an agricultural method to speed up the growing of the maize?

Anyway, seeing all this plastic motivates me to re-open artPLASTIEKfabrique and pick up the needles to knit some plastic away….

As I choose an old tree to place the plastic knitting in, the first thing to do when we get there and measure the shape. With a little help of my man, it is an easy thing to do, and nice to too.

IMG_5984L IMG_5986L

Our first visit was in November 2016, when we walked the route with the organisers of the project and all the participating artists. During the walk, I was telling a colleague about the little chapel in nearby Tollembeek, dedicated to Barbara, protectrice of the miners.  I spotted it a week ago and when I saw it, the Asturian miners song : ‘Santa Barbara bendita, trai, la la la la lai la la’, began to sing in my head. The funny coincidence is that, while telling this, I see in a tree the shape of a little chapel. That is where the idea of a Barbara chapel in this tree is born and a long story on this blog has started …

IMG_5593L IMG_5594bL

When we come back to measure in April 2017,  it is a bit of a shock to see that part of the natural structure of the chapel is missing and that ‘the foundation’ is gone… Some restoration will be needed. We’ll see how…

Besides of the knitting I have the intention to add some research to the project. Research about Barbara, but also about the song, the life of miners and miners families, in Belgium, but also worldwide. In the past and today….

Here is a version of the song by the choir Coro Minero de Turon :