women in mining

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Yesterday I discovered 2 new websites: ‘Women in mining’ and ‘International women in mining’ (http://www.internationalwim.org). I am a bit confused, because they seem to promote the mining sector as a career opportunity for women. IWIM also organises a photo contest and in the jury we find mainly male representative of big mining companies, like De Beers and others…

Interview with Wilhemina Manaso
Mine Manager, BHP Billiton in South Africa shares her experiences and advice for women embarking on a career in the Mining industry…
“There are a lot of barriers caused by my gender; as a woman, if you’re doing well in a male-dominated industry they think you’re having an affair with one of the senior managers. Every time I was promoted, they would say, ‘how come you promoted her? Is she having a relationship with you?’”
Mining is an industry which has always been male-dominated, regardless of geographical location. There have been positive steps which have helped to integrate women into the industry, but females continue to be under-represented and Mining is still largely a man’s domain. The study ‘Mining for talents’, published early in 2013 and conducted by Women in Mining (UK) and Price-Waterhouse Coopers, stated that the mining industry has the lowest number of women on company boards of any industry group worldwide. South Africa is one country which is leading the rest in terms of employing women in the mining and minerals sectors.

(from http://womeninmining.org)



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