You know something about knitting, sewing, crocheting, ecologie, feminism and art-activism? WELCOME IN TRICOT TROTTOIR !

The gang meets every first Thursday of the month, from 4-6 p.m.,  in the café of Micro Marché, 9 Quai à la Houille, 1000 BRUSSELS (Metro Catherine). Every body is welcome. Please bring your used plastic bags, knitting pens and a balaclava in your own style (or an idea for one that you want to make). Next meeting: 06.04.2012. ( 0489 036 753 ) (exeptionnally in November 2012: 8 november in stead of 1 november)

What is Knitta-plastic?

The kind of street-art we do, is internationally known as yarnbombing. Magda Sayeg is the founder of ‘Knitta Please’ and she gathered many images on this kind of practice from all over the world ( As far as we know the practice of knitted ‘graffiti’ started with the colourful clothing of the trees in winter, later followed by knittings for all kinds of urban objects. That is where we started from, seeing the funny images of poles with cloth on the internet.

A specific thing about tricot-trottoir is that we knit in plastic. Used plastic bags, plastic ropes of all kinds. ‘Knitt a plastic’ can be understood as Knit your plastic.

How it started:

Tricot trottoir was launched in 2009, as a workshop during a 3 month exhibition of ‘artplastiekfabrique’. The idea was to collect the roaming plastic from the streets, to transform it and bring it back into the public space. The challenge: find an object in the urban environment that you would like to transform by means of a knitting. About 100 people participated in the weekly workshops and placed some of their works in the street. The knittings (and broderies) were photographed and filmed, to be represented in the exhibition during the last month.(see page film).

The last knitting of 2009 was the initiative of a woman who was involved in the solidarity with political refugees, who went on a hungerstrike as a last desperate means for the legalisation of their stay. She encouraged the women in the church to participate in the knitting and together they knitted a banner with the word REGULARISATION. The banner was placed in front of the municipality buildings and stayed for almost 3 weeks in place.

During the summer we took a long break, but by the end of 2009 we decided with 5 of the most active streetknitters that we wanted to go on with the project, as it seemed to make sense and fun. So we became a gang. Since February 2010 we meet every month in an open space like a café, where other interested people can easily join in. We have 8 members now and all of us can introduce a project. The project will be executed if other members like it enough to do it. The first thing we knitted in 2010 was the mask that we intend to put over our heads as we go out to install our stuff in the streets.

We want to make things that have something to say about our (urban) environment and thus consider our knittings as ‘political’. By the way: visual interventions by women in public space might be ‘political’ in itself…. We also have the feeling that the handycraft/artworks we make are somehow opposing the mainstream art projects in public space. (Mainly expensive projects, linked with city marketing and big sponsors). We will see what we can do with a few knitting pens. We have just started and are curious ourselves about how far we can get.
We experience that acting as a group gives us the strength we need to do this kind of things.
We hope to communicate with people who see our work and to surprise them with a smile.

So, for those who want to join us: The place to knitt-a-plastic is  Micro-Marché, Steenkoolkaai 9 Quai à la Houille, 1000 BRUSSELS. Rendez-vous every first friday of the month, 14-16.00 hrs. You don’t have to be a knitter. We use different techniques and every body can learn it.

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