spotting for knittAplastic

To-day I went out for a test and took the last finished knitting with me, knitted with 6 coloured plastic bags. Where to put it?


Around a tree may be? Taking a look in the photo gallery of KNITTAPLEASE you see many trees dressed up with colourful stockings. I prefer to leave the tree as it is, although the yellow and blue help to make another element in the environment more visible: the barriers  in the background. Those yellow and blue barriers are everywhere in town. In a twenty minutes ride by bike I come across 7 to 10 of them. All in plastic. What for? Restyling the pavements? New cables? Successful lobby from the one who sells them? For the biker they mean just a few more jump off’s in the way.  Looking around with ‘Knitta-eyes’ now I notice a massive growth of piles and poles in our quarter. Fences also. All there for safety I suppose…



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